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Portland Oregon (OR) Window Tinting

Portland Oregon Window Tinting

One of the leading automotive features customers in Portland Oregon flock to is window tinting. Technicians apply a layer of darkening shade to your windows at the preferred percentage, altering your driving experience. The darkening of your windows across your car has several benefits in addition to enhancing the overall look of your car. 

Blocking Harmful Rays

UV Rays are blocked from entering your vehicle when you have window tinting. This can protect both your family and yourself against dangerous rays that have been known to cause cancer and other health issues in the future. With the majority of them eliminated with the window tint, your chances of these harmful risks diminish drastically. 

Minimize the Glare

Attempting to drive at certain times in the day can be difficult thanks to the sun glare. Even with sunglasses, it can be hard to see the road ahead of you. Sun glare accidents happen daily, and Portland OR is no stranger to these accidents. With protective window tinting on your car, you are able to minimize this glare and see clearly when driving at any point throughout the day. 

Keep it Cool

Because the hot UV Rays are unable to penetrate your car due to the window tint, your car is much cooler than others in the warmer temperatures and you are able to retain the conditioned air circulating throughout your car. Maintaining that cool air keeps you from overworking your AC.

Block Their View

Believe it or not, window tinting is a security feature, especially in a large city like Portland OR. With window tinting, your personal property within the car is not exposed, and thieves are not able to identify the contents of your car. In most cases, this deters them from breaking into your car, and they move on away. 

It Looks Awesome

Let’s be real. Window tinting enhances the look of any make, model, or color vehicle. Having those darker windows gives your car a cleaner look and upgraded appearance. 

Get your window tints today!

If you are ready to upgrade your car with a feature that not only looks good but gives you a layer of health and security protection, it is time to give us a call. Enjoy a headlight restoration service while you are here. We also do commercial window tinting for businesses who want the same benefits applied to their workplace. We look forward to hearing from you soon!