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Portland Oregon Auto Glass Replacement

A service that many car owners seem to forget about is auto glass replacement. Auto glass comes in a number of shapes, sizes, and areas depending on your make and model vehicle. 

What can be replaced?

  • Windshield
  • Front Vent Window
  • Front Door Window
  • Rear Door Window
  • Rear Vent Window
  • Quarter Window
  • Rear Glass

These are the different types of glasses found on your vehicle that need replacement periodically due to situations that are out of your control. Auto glass can be replaced individually, but the most common pieces to replace are the windshield and the rear glass because of their position to debris and weather. They are also the largest and most vulnerable to damage. 

How can they be damaged?

The most common way to damage auto glass is by hitting loose rocks while driving and the velocity sending them towards the car where they hit the glass at a high speed and direction, causing a crack. Because of the weight and the speed of the rock, a small pebble can crack your entire windshield in a second. When you travel behind dump trucks on the highway, make sure to stay the recommended 200 feet behind them to prevent the loose gravel falling from the truck to land on your windshield. 

Another one of the ways to damage auto glass is to be involved in an auto accident. In most cases, having a collision with another vehicle or animal will cause damage to that side of the vehicle and the affected glass will need to be replaced. In addition to an auto accident, hail damage can cause your auto glass to be replaced. For the same reason, that small rocks and gravel can crack your windshield, the speed and weight of the hail when it is falling in Portland OR can sometimes be enough to damage the auto glass around your vehicle if it is not properly covered during the storm. 

Get Your Auto Glass Replaced today!

If your vehicle is in need of an auto glass replacement service in Portland Oregon, we want to hear from you. While we are replacing your auto glass, we can give you a headlight restoration service and performance lighting to boost your visibility and enhance your safety as you travel the roadways. Give us a call today for more information and to schedule your next appointment for your auto glass replacement service.