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Portland Oregon Car Plastic Dip

Driving through Portland Oregon, many visitors and residents will recognize that the cars in the area are getting an uplift. What they do not realize is that the color change is not traditional paint. A new trend that is more affordable for those looking to give their older vehicles a fresh look that has protection is Car Plastic Dip. 

What is it?

Car plastic dip is a rubber coating that can be applied to a number of surfaces, including cars. It is easily applied and comes in a variety of color options. It has a similar texture to traditional paint when it is initially applied, and offers a new level of customization. With everything from flat and standard colors to neon and bright options, car enthusiasts are able to make their car as unique as them. At any time you want to remove the car plastic dip, it is as simple and peeling off. 

Provides Protection

Because the coating is rubber, car plastic dip protects the car from moisture and damage from the environment while it is applied to the car. It is also flexible and stretchy, preventing it from peeling off of the car and causing an unfortunate look. This protection begins instantly once it is applied, which is different from traditional paint. While Portland Oregon is not the hottest place, the area does have exposure to constant moisture and outdoor elements that can deteriorate a traditional paint job at a much faster rate. 

It is affordable. 

For customers who want an upgrade while on a budget, this option is for them. This service is a fraction of the cost of a traditional paint job, which allows a broader customer base to enjoy custom autos that look good and are also being protected. Because the car plastic dip is so versatile and affordable, car plastic dip allows our customers to change their minds and readjust their paint job more frequently than with a traditional paint job. 

Do you need a dip?

If a car plastic dip is in your future, it is time to give us a call. Our team will properly apply the coating to your car with the color of your choice. When you visit us, feel free to have a window tinting service or headlight restoration if your car is in need. Give us a call today to schedule your next service.