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Portland Oregon Window Tint Removal

While there are so many benefits to having your windows tinted, sometimes it has to be removed for several reasons. Have you had your windows tinted and need them removed? If so, there our team can safely remove your window tint that is clean and damage-free. 

It is starting to peel.

If you have had your window tint for quite some time, it will begin to wear down and fade from the sun constantly shining on it, day after day. As it fades, more UV rays are able to enter the vehicle. This starts to decline the performance and protection placed on your car from the window tint. You may start to notice that the interior of the car is warming faster than before due to the lack of protection from the window tint. As it starts to peel, your interior dash and seats to match the lighter spots in the tint. This can start to fade and take on a discoloration that will alter the value of your car. 

DIY Gone Wrong

If your tint is still new and starting to peel, it is often because it was applied at home by non-professionals. Window tint is something that requires professionals to apply because it is tedious and requires a special technique to avoid air, dirt, and moisture from getting within the tint layer and the window. Any debris that makes its way into this layer will cut the window tint and cause it to peel. It could even scratch your windows, requiring you to have an “auto glass replacement service.”

It is too dark.

When you chose to get your windows tinted, you were so caught up with the benefits and the look that maybe you had them tinted too dark. In the state of Oregon, the legal tint percentage is 35 percent. Anything darker such as 34 percent and below is considered too dark and you can be ticketed by law enforcement. If the tint is too dark, you will need to have a window tint removal. 

Call us today!

Whether you want to replace your window tint or need it removed altogether, our team can safely perform a window tint removal service that will not scratch your windows and provide you with the leading service in Portland OR. We do have a window tinting service to reapply your tint professionally if you would like.