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Portland Oregon Custom & Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Do you own a business in the Portland Oregon area? Maybe you are just getting started and have limited marketing available. That’s no problem. When you choose Custom and Commercial vehicle wraps in Portland, you can have your business covering your personal or business vehicles today. The colors, images, and graphics are endless when they are printed on vinyl and wrapped around your vehicle. 

Mobile Marketing

A vehicle wrap can take on anything you want. Have your business logo printed and displayed with your contact information will literally capture the eye of your customers on the highway. As the business owner, you can add this to your daily driver, or have your commercial vehicles wrapped in the image of your choosing. Local customers will begin to associate a brand with your business and you can maximize your customer potential by riding ahead of them in traffic. 

Be Yourself

You do not need to be a business owner to enjoy a custom vehicle wrap. Many of our clients just want to give their daily driver a facelift that fits their personal style and personality. Are you more into a design that a solid paint job for your car? If so, then a custom vehicle wrap is the best option for you. Upgrade that back glass sticker on your car to a full-body explosion that moves your vehicle into the next century and let’s you be remembered when you travel the highway. If you choose to be a brand promoter and plan to display that image daily in your car, you have that flexibility or choose an image of your choice to display to onlookers on the highway.

Let’s get your car wrapped right away!

Whether you are looking for a personal upgrade to your daily commuter or wanting to expand your business advertising into mobile marketing, the custom and commercial vehicle wraps are growing trends in the Portland OR area. Many businesses and promoters are taking advantage of this affordable option to display the brand or graphic of their choice. If you are interested in a vehicle wrap, custom or commercial, give us a call today. Enjoy some of our other services such as auto glass replacement service and Plastic Dip while you are here.