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Portland Oregon Car & Truck Headlight Restoration

Your headlights are essential to your safety when driving at night and during inclement weather. Driving around in Portland Oregon and other nearby areas require working headlights due to the humid weather. Because they are the beacon of light for your car, they are often the first area seen by those you pass when driving by. If your headlight case is starting to look a little cloudy and you are not able to see as clearly as you once did, it may be time for headlight restoration. 

What is headlight restoration?

Headlight restoration refers to the cleaning of your headlight lenses that your light bulbs shine through out of your car. Do you ever wonder why your headlights appear cloudy or foggy over time? With a headlight restoration service, our team will remove the build-up that happens to cars in Portland with no damage to the lenses. When the lenses on your headlights become too cloudy, the light from the brightest headlights cannot make it through the lenses properly and could be dangerous. 


  • Safety
  • Upgrade Vehicle Value
  • Affordable option

Safety is the leading benefit to this service because you could put yourself, your passengers, and others on the road in danger if you cannot see properly. This, however, is not the only benefit. Having clean headlight lenses gives your vehicle a cleaner look, which adds to the value if you decide to sell it later or make a trade. No matter how fresh of a look your car has, if the headlights are cloudy, they can diminish the value. Some car owners skip over the restoration service and buy new lenses. When you have the headlight restoration service done, you are saving money because it is cheaper than buying new lenses. 

Call us today!

When you choose professionals to complete the headlight restoration service, there is no damage to the lenses during the professional installation. The Portland OR area is home to a humid climate, so cloudy or foggy headlights become a common issue for residents in the area. Because the weather can be temperamental, it is also just as important to have this service available. If your car is in need of a headlight restoration service, contact us today for more information. Consider our tint removal service or performance lighting service when you bring in your car. We look forward to hearing from you soon.