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Portland Oregon Car Performance Lighting

Because your car or truck is your baby and you want to give it the best options available, you may be looking at boosting the lighting on your vehicle and giving it the performance upgrade. Below are the different lighting options within your car and the options you have for upgrades in Portland Oregon. 


Your interior lights are some of the most used lights and can be found in both the front and back seating areas, depending on the size of the car. You can upgrade the basic lighting within the interior of your car to include LED bulbs and interior LED strips. These strips have the flexibility to alter their color to fit your preference. 


Those manufacturer bulbs can be upgraded to the LED bulb, which is leading in high definition. These bulbs can go in your headlights and fog lights. For residents who frequent the roads after dark, they find these lights to be beneficial because their span is much larger and clearer than traditional bulbs. 


Do you really want to upgrade the performance lighting on your vehicle? Add one of the following accessories to the exterior to maximize the lighting and boost performance:

  • Light bar
  • Underglow lighting

The light bar is usually found on trucks and SUVs, giving them an additional layer of lighting. The light bars come in a variety of sizes and can be a few spotlights lining the roof of the vehicle or an entire bar that lights up fluorescent style. Used for working vehicles or outdoor sports, they give the driver a better view of their terrain in their path.

While the underglow lighting can be applied to any vehicle, its essence is usually capturing on cars that make use of this lighting to highlight the features of their car. Many car enthusiasts find these to be essential for car shows and judging.

Upgrade your car performance lighting now!

There is no reason to wait on upgrading your car performance lighting. Our team can help you achieve the look and performance you are seeking for the interior, exterior, or both. Take advantage of some of our other services, such as headlight restoration or paint protection while we have your car. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule your next service.