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Portland Oregon Commercial & Fleet Window Tinting

Upgrading the look of your business with window tinting is a trend that is taking over Portland, Oregon. Not only does commercial window tinting enhance your building’s presence but it is an efficient and secure practice. This process includes several benefits and a simple process when you call the professionals. Below are the reasons why commercial window tinting is on the rise for several industries in the area. 

UV Ray Protection

The interior of your business is protected from UV ray damage when you choose commercial window tinting. It protects everything from the shade of your flooring and to the furniture sitting next to the windows. Long-term exposure to UV Rays will cause discoloration over time and require you to purchase new furniture and appliances. Computers and other electronics that are placed near windows can also suffer damage from the UV Rays but find protection when the building has commercial window tinting. 

Save Money with Efficiency

When you choose to tint these windows, you are maintaining the internal temperature of your commercial property, allowing cool air or warm air to stay indoors and not escape. Since the UV Rays are blocked by approximately 85 percent, the interior will not heat as fast and require as much conditioned air. Limiting the use of this system will limit the use of electricity and power each month, saving your business financially over the year. Since the heat coming into the office from the UV rays is minimized, employees are much more comfortable while working and more efficient. 

Enhance Your Security

With window tint, your employees are able to see out, but the public is not able to see in as easily. For many businesses in the Portland OR area, this is beneficial. Maintaining daily business practices regarding finances and funding prevent your business from being cased. Also, customers are also protected with window tint keeping their privacy intact and keeping them from being displayed to the public. 

Get your windows tinted today!

If your commercial property could benefit from a window tinting service, give us a call today for a quote from one of our specialists. We also specialize in other tint options such as auto window tinting and vehicle wraps that will provide the same benefits to your commercial vehicles and cover these autos in mobile marketing for your business. We look forward to hearing from you soon.